About Us

Urban Stalk's History

Urban Stalk was founded in 2018 while the founder was studying and researching circular economic principles in Canada, France and South Korea. The Circular Economic doctrine suggests that when you take natural resources; make a product or service; then employ that product or service; the useful life of the good does not end. Instead, the inputs to the original product or service are then recycled, reused and transformed into new products or services.  

This cycle can happen up to eight times in a product life cycle and greatly reduce the need for raw materials. It is this concept that Urban Stalk was founded and focuses circularity into food production across Canada. Urban Stalk has incorporated food production processes from over 16 countries spanning over four continents to produce a world leading food production system that improves crop health while lowering the environmental impacts.
Circular Economic Doctrine

Our Founder

Brent Downey is the founder and current owner of Urban Stalk. Brent completed his undergraduate degree from McMaster University in business. Soon after, Brent embarked on a dual Master Degree program in international business from the University of Victoria (B.C). and Montpellier Business School in France. Brent has also obtained a certification in international project management from SKKU in South Korea.
It is through this time abroad where Brent was able to combine his passion for business, diversity & culture into sustainability. Brent spent over two years learning from different cultures and walks of life to understand how some of the basic needs like water, food, and shelter were a challenge for some where others took for granted. Leveraging business models from around the world, Brent developed the business model for Urban Stalk in efforts to change social perception regarding food and food waste and to ensure that all people had local and sustainable access to healthy food.

Community Partners in Canada and Abroad​

Through thought leadership, a profound business model and the inherent need to help others, Urban Stalk has been grateful to acquire industry, academic and research partners both inside Canada and abroad to help facilitate our strategic vision. To all our partners we say thank you for staying by our side and joining us on this innovative journey that will leave a lasting impact on our communities.
Urban Stalk Partners:

1. McMaster University Engineering Services (Hamilton)
2. McMaster University Innovation Factory (Hamilton)
3. University of Victoria (B.C.)
4. Montpellier University (France)
5. SKKU (South Korea)
6. Accelerator Center (Kitchener / Waterloo)
7. League of Innovators (Canada wide)
8. Innovation Guelph
9. Innovation Niagara
10. IRAP / NRC (Canada wide)
11. Mohawk College (Hamilton)
12. University of Guelph Engineering and School of Agriculture
13. R-Purpose Micro Incubator (Guelph)
14. The Guelph Food Bank
15. Brock University School of Business (St. Catharines)

16. VentureLABS (Milton)