Urban Stalk Selected as a Semi-Finalist with Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

Urban Stalk has received the news that the company has been selected as one of the semi-finalist in the 2022 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge to win up to $1 million USD dollar investment to spur research and development of the FOSESUS Pod technology. 

Cisco has been investing millions, 2.25 million USD dollars, in prize money across 63 winners spreading across 20 countries over the last three years. The company has pledged to inject $1 billion USD by 2025 in new companies innovating critical infrastructure and technology to address the most critical problems facing societies globally. These issues range from fresh drinkable water, stable and affordable housing, C02 pollution reduction, equitable labour access, disease and medical access, and food security. 

Urban Stalk has been selected among over thousands of applications to join the semi-finalist round of the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge to spur FOSESUS Pod technology to increase food security not only in North America, but globally. Should Urban Stalk be successful at securing investment and prize money, the company would be able to bring FOSESUS Pods one through four to market which would have the productive capacity to take up to 20,000 households off the global food supply chain for crop foods and provide local and affordable foods year-round. Likewise, the investment would provide Urban Stalk with a successful business case validation of FOSESUS Pod technology that would provide both technological, environmental, and genetic testing and metrics to ensure Pod environment are able to micro-control all the necessary growth inputs while ensuring less waste and a greater affordability of foods. The Guelph Food Bank and The Grimsby Benevolent Fund are set to be among the early adopters of this technology to ensure food bank and at-risk populations are receiving needed crop foods to have a balanced and nutritional standard of living. In Canada, according to the 2019 census report, 4.4 million Canadians (11% of the population) were food insecure. Of this population, 80% were from six minority groups including Indigenous populations, visible minorities, children, the elderly, economically poor, and the disabled persons populations. It is estimated these groups comprise 90% of Canada’s food bank clientele. This number reaches a staggering 44 million people in The United States, 10 times the national rate in Canada. Food desserts, food swamps, and underrepresented communities are abundant in The United States and Canada to which Urban Stalk’s corporate vision is to correct social and environmental access to healthy and nutritionally valuable foods. 

To learn more about the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenger, follow the link here. 

Stay tuned for more updates as the competition continues when the final rounds are announced in June of 2022.