social vision

Creating Sustainable Communities

Urban Stalk is built on four main pillars:
As a company, we strongly believe that food should be a given commodity and not a traded one. We are proud to be supporting and empowering our communities to be come more sustainable, welcoming and livable.
No person should have to worry about where their next meal will come from and with our amazing staff, innovations and community partners, we are able to make this ideal a reality.
Additionally, we are gathering data and turning it into actionable education that we pass onto future generations. This will ensure our future success in food availability, sustainability and begin reconnecting with the connection to our natural ecosystems.

Naturally Grown

Excellent Quality

Easily Accessible

Disruptive Tech to Feed a Village

Urban Stalk has been developing new innovative growing processes that will further enhance the natural resource input of existing hydroponic systems. Our processes are able to reduce water consumption by up to 80% while eliminating harmful chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides and GMOs from the natural environment. This process can eliminate the bio-accumulation of harmful chemicals in the human body and make a purer food product.
Additionally, by creating modular, in-door systems Urban Stalk has made the crop cycle independent of changing weather patterns allowing for fuller, healthier crop yields year-round. Our modular concept allows the system to be placed in any urban environment and drastically reduces the time from farm-to-table. Eliminating much of the transportation and food handling adds to the positive environment and health impacts of the food we make.

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