Urban Stalk Makes United States News!

Urban Stalk is proud to announce the company’s first ever media release in The United States through media partner NewsWatch TV. Urban Stalk was connected to NewsWatch TV through another partner institution in The USA called NewChip Accelerator. Urban Stalk has been working with Houston based NewChip for little under three months when this media opportunity was awarded to the company. Today, over 5 million American households received the broadcast, either on TV or through social media, Urban Stalk’s company profile and mission. 

This news marks the first entrance for the Canadian vertical farming company in The United States. Urban Stalk’s vision to become the largest, fully circular hydroponic crop producer in North America over the next decade to ensure food security and bio diversity for all Americans. The news broadcast with NewsWatch TV was the first iteration of a mass consumer educational program to turn Urban Stalk into a recognized, and household name brand for both Canada and The USA markets. 

Urban Stalk is using its branded and proprietary technology known as FOSESUS Pods to leverage leading global indoor and vertical farming practices such as precision-based farming, to ensure natural resources are used effectively and not wasted nor contaminated. Likewise, the company’s technology can be built indoors in extreme climates and locations therefore allowing food to be grown in a wide array of environments for a diverse set of communities and peoples. If that was not enough, FOSESUS Pod technology has the capacity to absorb and reroute organic waste from landfill and turn this material into natural fertilizers, and organic growing mediums for the hydroponic technology. 

In both Canada and the United States, food waste contributes upwards of 24% of the national GHG emissions with over 218 pounds of food waste per person, per year, being generated annually. Technology such as Urban Stalk’s is offering a solution to the rising climate crisis by tackling food waste as well as offering new ways to secure the global food supply chain in a world where climate change and other political factors are making that an ever harder task.   

To learn more about Urban Stalk, please visit: https://urbanstalk.ca/