We Are Transforming Agriculture

Urban Stalk is transforming the way Canadians think about agriculture. No longer does agriculture have to take place outside the city center far away from the customer. Through Urban Stalk technology we can develop urban markets that produce and harvest crops in any environment right in the heart of some of the busiest metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Community Projects

Food Security within Food Banks 

Urban Stalk is working with a number of food banks within Hamilton and Brantford Ontario to secure a stable supply of fresh produce for those who need it most. We know that everyone should be able to eat healthy without having to worry about breaking the bank!


100% Sustainable Agriculture

Urban Stalk is striving to produce thought leadership around food security. We want to invoke change on how we produce agricultural products from both environmental and social lenses. Food should not be a traded commodity for those who can afford it but an essential at all levels. We want our health and nutrition to be localized and sustain communities and generations to come.

Urban Stalk is Taking Communities off the Global Chain

Communities can better serve their residences knowing that produce can be sourced locally; year-round. Food does not have to be added with preservatives and trucked across the country while loosing nutritional value. We can develop self-sustaining food supplies locally to better adapt to shocks and swings to the global food supply chains.


Rendering of Vertical Farm

Vertical Farming and Circularity

If you’ve built a business dependent on agriculture, chances are that sourcing products has become more complex, costly and detrimental to the natural world. It’s a trend that’s been solidifying the relationship between food production and agribusiness. And while there’s no arguing the industrialization of agriculture has come to shape modern expectations of food security, […]

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